Personal Info Arian, software developper

Hi, I'm Arian!

I create lucid digital experiences through code.

I am a

Skill Set

(Based on domain knowledge and experience)


Space Shooter

Mobile Friendly Shooter built on top of the Phaser Framework. Features powerups and an online leaderboard.

Orb Knight

Orb Knight-RPG, Featuring pets and a Realtime Battle System. Made for Google HTML5 Game Making Contest

Match 3

HTML5 Matching 3 Game. Set up to communicate with PHP backend for point based earning on Virtual Economy Sites

Scratch Wars

Control your forces in this epic battle between Red and Blue!


A Modern Virtual Pet Site where players collect, train, and take care of pets! Written in PHP, made with Love.


Fluid Web App built with AngularJS. Complete Route Based Navigations lend to a fluid user experience. NodeJS backend on top of SailsJS

Journey East

An epic MMO set in an original world, featuring Crafting, Raids, and PvP! Coordinated with a team of developers. Responsible for Client and Server Development. (AS3 and Java)



JRPG with a uniquely dynamic card based system. Project Manager, integrated development, art and QA, organizing workload and direction. Responsible for entire engine creation. Code followed best OOP practices to make card functions easily extendable.


Zombie Shooting Game

GPU Accelerated flash game developed with Starling.


Big Issues

A 'Begging Game' showing the issues of poverty and world hunger. Developed for the Charity Game Jam.


Ghoul Feeder

Powerup your ghoul in this kid-centric flash game!

GSOC 2014 - Wordpress

Worked with the Wordpress Organization on the Google Summer of Code Program to gamify and improve Glotpress


Sorry, but this page is actually still a Work in Progress!

Programming Ability

Solid Software Engineering Skills. Familiar with numerous programming principles including Object-Oriented and Functional Programming.

Spontaneous and Flexible

Thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments. Capable of learning new technologies in short periods of time.

Practical Perfectionist

I push for pixel perfection and optimized code. I strive to create experiences to provide a unique and memorable image for the audience